YES! We are open!

With the current ACT Lock-down, we have made some temporary changes to the services we are offering.

Current changes to our services

We are currently still open to service our customers. Due to the current lock-down we have suspended our usual on-site services. We’re offering all services via remote sessions.

We’ll look to resume our usual services as soon as possible.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to continue providing you with the level of service you expect from us.

The situation is rapidly changing, however, we are committed to sharing updates with you as things change. We remain committed to the safety of our customers and team.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Please be aware of a new malware attack that was launched yesterday, Wednesday 25th October. The malware has been named Bad Rabbit, and whilst current attacks have been concentrated on businesses within USA, Russia and a number of other countries it pays to be aware of the attack method to stay safe. There is no guarantee that the attacks will remain focused on the original countries.

The malware poses as an Adobe Flash Upgrade. Ensure that you only upgrade Adobe Flash through the official application, and never upgrade any application based on a link within an email or other message.

Anyone running the Premium version of MalwareBytes should be protected against this attack.

For more information, see the original alert from MalwareBytes, or the article from Wired UK.

Alert: as sent by MalwareBytes.

Earlier this morning, many businesses around the world were hit by a new Petya-esque ransomware attack. Tens of thousands of infections have been reported globally, just one month after the WanaCrypt0r outbreak.

If you have been following the news, you will have seen that CCleaner has been hit by Malware, and anyone who has downloaded the specific version is likely to have also unknownly installed one or more Malware programs on their machines.  The affected version, at this time, appears to be: v5.33.6162

The outbreak is much worse than originally thought with secondary infections now found to have come via the update.

Original reports claimed that the infection could easily be removed simply by upgrading to the newest version of CCleaner that was released after the hack was found.  Security experts, however, are now saying that due to the discovery of secondary infections the attack was much worse than originally thought, and all users that have been affected should restore their machines from an earlier backup to ensure complete removal of the infections.

The following software list contains software that Retupmoc recommends and uses.  Note that software listed in the Affiliations section means that Retupmoc get a small commission if you purchase the software after clicking through the link.  Regardless of if we receive an affiliate commission or not, we will only recommend and sell software that we currently use, and that we believe is top of class.  You are free to look at our recommendation and then directly visit the vendors site.

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