Hard disk maker Barracuda has until recently run the cloud service Copy.com.  While all the hype has been around Dropbox and OneDrive and the like, Copy.com has been the quiet champion. Copy.com offered more space for free, 15GB on sign-up, to consumer and business users.  It also offered a "fair" sharing policy, whereby if you shared content with other Copy.com users, you shared the quote between however many users the content was shared with.

Unfortunately, Baraccuda announced it has decided to switch the service off as of the 1st May 2016.

So where does this leave the users?  If you are a paid customer, refunds are on their way.  If you are one of the many free users, Barracuda have documented a simple approach to migrate your storage to OneDrive, however you have other alternatives.  Be aware that whilst OneDrive currently offers free 15GB, this is schecduled to change in early 2016 to only 2GB for free users.  This is for both existing and new users.  So if you are intending on moving your Copy.com files across, be aware that unless these are less than 2GB you will soon either be looking for a new place to store them, or shelling out for paid OneDrive storage.

There are many reviews across the web showing alternative cloud storage, while most of these focus on the big guys, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, there are other alternatives, however none that I have found offer the same storage as Copy.com.  The standard offering for the free service is between 2 and 5GB, any more storage than this requires a paid service.  After being bitten by the shutdown of Copy.com, you may wish to stick with the main players, not that this gives any better guarantee of continued service, however if you are still looking for alternatives the following site gives a good summary and comparison of the offerings.  One service that is missing from the list is JottaCloud.  JottaCloud gives 5GB free, with invites to earn more storage.  It apps for Android, iOS, Linux, OSX and Widows.

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