is a cloud service provider.  They are similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, however they give a generous 50 GB in their free account, where most other consumer cloud providers give 5 or 10 GB for free.  Mega's subscription accounts also provide good value for money.  Mega have end-to-end encryption, providing peace of mind, at least as much peace of mind as you can get when storing your files in the cloud.

This article provides the step by step process for signing up to a cloud account.

Sign-up Steps

  1. Open up your Web Browser to
    Mega CreateAccount
  2. Click Create Account in red at the top right.
    Mega CreateAccount 1
  3. Fill in the resulting form, with First Name and Last name, a valid email and your desired password twice. Ensure you also tick that you agree with the Terms of Service, then click Create Account.
    Mega CreateAccount2
  4. Make note of the information here, as there is NO way to recover a lost password.
  5. Check your email messages, there should be one there for the account verification from Mega.
  6. Click the link and log in and select “Free” account type, or one of the paid options
    1. Your account is now active, you can start using it.

To get more benefit from Mega

Like most cloud providers, offers a number of synchronisation clients.  These greatly enhance the user experience of the cloud service by automating the synchronisation process between your device(s) and the cloud.

  1. Download one of the synchronisation clients.  These are available for:
    Web Browser Extension Mobile Apps Desktop Client
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • iOS (Apple)
    • Windows Phone
    • Linux
    • Max OS X
    • Windows
    1. Download the synchronisation client by opening the Mega website and clicking on the Menu at the top right of screen and going to Apps then selecting which client you want.
      Mega Menu
    2. For the Desktop Sync Client, click the download button and Save the file.
      Mega Download
    3. Once the download is finished, run the file.
  2. Run the downloaded file to install MegaSync:
    Mac Windows
    1. Run the dmg file downloaded
    2. Drag the MegaSync icon into Applications
    1. Locate and run the downloaded file
    2. Select the Language, probably English
    3. Accept the licence agreement
    4. Select who the install is for, either for the current user or all users on the machine
    5. Install
  3. Run the newly installed application
    1. Click Login and log in (Mac users you will most likely need to allow the program to run at the security warning dialogue)
      Mega Run
    2. Select Full Sync or Selective Sync. You most likely want Full Sync at this stage, click Next
      1. Full Sync synchronises everything between Mega and the Sync directory
      2. Selective Sync allows you to select specific folders and files to synchronise.
    3. Accept the suggested location, or click Change. Once happy click Next
    4. Start adding files into the sync directory.
    5. These will automatically be uploaded to Mega.
    6. You can see the progress by clicking on the Mega icon  Mega Icon running in the system tray. The System Tray is normally located somewhere near the Clock.

Just like any consumer cloud provider. don't put all your eggs in the one basket, so to speak.  Ensure you still have adequate backups of your files, or store them on multiple cloud providers to ensure if one account is no longer accessible your files are not lost.

^ Retupmoc has no association with, we just like their cloud offering.

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