The following software list contains software that Retupmoc recommends and uses.  Note that software listed in the Affiliations section means that Retupmoc get a small commission if you purchase the software after clicking through the link.  Regardless of if we receive an affiliate commission or not, we will only recommend and sell software that we currently use, and that we believe is top of class.  You are free to look at our recommendation and then directly visit the vendors site. is a cloud service provider.  They are similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, however they give a generous 50 GB in their free account, where most other consumer cloud providers give 5 or 10 GB for free.  Mega's subscription accounts also provide good value for money.  Mega have end-to-end encryption, providing peace of mind, at least as much peace of mind as you can get when storing your files in the cloud.

This article provides the step by step process for signing up to a cloud account.

Hard disk maker Barracuda has until recently run the cloud service  While all the hype has been around Dropbox and OneDrive and the like, has been the quiet champion. offered more space for free, 15GB on sign-up, to consumer and business users.  It also offered a "fair" sharing policy, whereby if you shared content with other users, you shared the quote between however many users the content was shared with.

Unfortunately, Baraccuda announced it has decided to switch the service off as of the 1st May 2016.

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