Every company has procedures and practices, however, to be truly successful these must be documented and kept up to date. Do you have all your procedures and practices documented, or just the “critical” ones, or none at all?

Retupmoc can assist with not only documenting your procedures and practices, but we are also able through analysis find “hidden” procedures and practices. These are the ones that “everyone” does, because it is the way things have always been done, but no one recalls the reason why you do them. The audit can discover these areas where savings can be made, either by determining that they are no longer required, can be updated to reflect current conditions, or just documenting them so new staff training is much smoother as everything is known and documented.

Our specialist team can help to ensure your database is functioning as desired, we specialise in MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL database engines, and have working knowledge of most database engines. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out with your first database, and your requirements are modest, or you are running a large Database farm, we are able to advise and assist in the installation, configuration and management of your data.

Software has a habit of creeping onto systems where it shouldn't be, for example a second copy installed just to test something. This can leave a company exposed to thousands of dollars in fines if they are audited and found to be using what is essentially unlicensed software. On the other side, you may be paying for licences of software that you no longer use, or the amount of licenses you are paying for may be based on an over-estimate of how many licences you require.

Let our specialist team ensure your software and hardware is installed for optimal performance. To make the most out of your IT software, let us install it and perform socialability testing to ensure there are no unwanted side effects with your other software. New software, and occasionally new versions of existing software, will interact badly with other software on your network, doing a full socialisation testing before deployment will ensure that any interactions are known prior to deployment and may be managed and the risks mitigated.

There are thousands of software applications out there for business use; computer, phone and tablets. Let our team direct you to the most efficient, cost effective ones that will meet your needs now and tomorrow. An application that meets the need of a competitor is not necessarily a good fit for your business. The application and hardware you deploy needs to meet both your business purpose and your business practices, without forcing you to do unnecessary steps, but also allowing enough scope to grow with you as your business needs grow and change.

We all know that data backups are essential in ensuring your data is safe and will not be lost, but how often have you tried recovering data from those backups to ensure your recovery procedures are capable when and if disaster strikes.

In business today, more than at any time in the past, ensuring good backups of the data collected is essential. If you don't have a clean data backup procedure and policy, it is unlikely you have backups being performed regularly and effectively. Without a good backup regime, you may as well not bother collecting the data in the first place. If you require the data, then ensure it is being backed up. If you are backing up that data, ensure you are able to restore from it.

Our experienced trainers can provide a range of training services to meet your needs.

We ensure that the training caters for your specific needs. Training usually includes take home materials such as Training Manuals and worked examples. The level of training that we supply can be from Individual User Training through to Train the Trainer.

One of the often overlooked costs of migrating to new software, or even a new version of existing software, is migrating the data for that application. If not done well, any new features or performance the new software has may not be realised.  New software is definitely the time to look at the data that is to be migrated to also perform a data cleansing operation. Why bring obsolete or incomplete data across to the new system, take the time now to clean the data. At the very least, you owe it to the new software to report on what your current data set is like.

Let Retupmoc perform the data analysis reporting, and if the results show it is worthwhile performing a data cleaning operation, we can assist or completely handle this for you as well.

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