Many businesses underestimate the usefulness of having effective documentation of their systems and procedures. Having one, or a few, staff members holding the key knowledge is extremely risky for a business' continued operations. If that staff member becomes ill, resigns or is otherwise unable to perform their duties, this has been known to bring a company down due to not knowing what their procedures are.

Whilst documentation may be a task that most staff do not enjoy performing, once the documents have been created let our staff at Retupmoc review them to ensure they are easy to follow, and that the knowledge is able to be transferred across staff.

Once documentation is created, however, it is not the end. The documents should be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that they still accurately reflect the current practices, and what is actually needed. Many business fall into the trap of doing something a particular way, simply because that is the way they have always done it, without any conscious thought being put into if this still the most effective say of conducting business. The documentation reviews are a good way of taking that step back and reviewing not only the document but also the practices and procedures underlying the document. The frequency you review your documents is specific to your situation, if you need advice on determining a review schedule let our staff at Retupmoc assist.

Businesses often think that because a staff member is capable of doing a procedure they can document that procedure. However, having an external party involved can ensure that steps are not missed and that the documents are clear and concise and provide for a different user to pick up the document and be able to accurately follow.

Retupmoc specialise in documentation that is not pages of useless information, but contains enough details that it can be successfully used to transfer knowledge across staff.

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