Storage is cheap, time is generally not. The time you spend looking for where that specific file is stored, is costing you greatly. Now multiply that by the number of staff, clients and files you have, and you can see that having organised and consolidated copies of your data is well worth the time and effort that you save in looking for the information.

Have you thought about a documentation management solution to keep track of the documents, ensuring you are always using the latest copy. Let Retupmoc's Software and Hardware team assist you with this choice and installation.

Cloud is the current quick solution for data storage for businesses. While that may be so, it may not be right for your business. You may be, rightly, concerned about the security aspects of storing your data in the cloud. What happens if your cloud provider loses the data, closes business or just refocuses their business, can you still get to your data, do you have adequate backups, or you may just not want to use the cloud. Either way, you still need to ensure that you data is consolidated into a consistent structure to facilitate speedy access to the files you are looking for and across any device you may be using. With a consolidated set of data, you may also be able to save in cloud storage fees, by not storing multiple copies of the same data and needing to pay for more storage than is actually required.

Let the team here at Retupmoc consolidate all your data into one store.  This may then still be automatically coped across several devices and locations, as a backup strategy, but you will know that all your data is in the one place, and there is a greatly reduced chance of loosing files or updating old versions of files.

Maybe its just time for you to rethink your storage filing system, or upgrade to a document and knowledge management system. When companies have multiple staff storing documents their systems may vary in how and where to store the information. Consolidating information can be the first step in getting consistency across your staff, again lessening the impact of lost time when specific staff are unavalable, other staff are then aware of where documents are stored and can easily locate them.

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