We all know that data backups are essential in ensuring your data is safe and will not be lost, but how often have you tried recovering data from those backups to ensure your recovery procedures are capable when and if disaster strikes.

In business today, more than at any time in the past, ensuring good backups of the data collected is essential. If you don't have a clean data backup procedure and policy, it is unlikely you have backups being performed regularly and effectively. Without a good backup regime, you may as well not bother collecting the data in the first place. If you require the data, then ensure it is being backed up. If you are backing up that data, ensure you are able to restore from it.

Let the dedicated team at Retupmoc help to build and document your data backup and restore procedures and practices. We can help with just the documentation, the configuration or we can remotely or on-site run the backups and test restores for you.

Granted, sometimes with the best intentions we still lose data that is the only copy. If the lost data is due to a crashed hard drive, or accidental deletion of the file, let the dedicated team at Retupmoc assist in recovering the data stored on these devices.  Most crashed hard drives and USB keys still hold the data, it just may be that you are not able to easily get to it. Here at Retupmoc we can scan the devices for specific files, or just restore all the data the can be restored.

The important thing here is to STOP using the drive as soon as possible to prevent further data lose. To lessen the impact of a crash in the future, we can help you build quality backup procedures.

Consider how important your contact list is on your mobile phone to your business operations. If you lost your phone do you have a back-up, let us show yo how to do regular, automatic backups.

If staff have a mobile phone die or have cracked the phone screen, and are unable to get information off the phone, let us get this data off the broken phone, and onto the new phone if required.

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