There are thousands of software applications out there for business use; computer, phone and tablets. Let our team direct you to the most efficient, cost effective ones that will meet your needs now and tomorrow. An application that meets the need of a competitor is not necessarily a good fit for your business. The application and hardware you deploy needs to meet both your business purpose and your business practices, without forcing you to do unnecessary steps, but also allowing enough scope to grow with you as your business needs grow and change.

Architectural Design

Let the team at Retupmoc conduct an architectural review of your IT systems, these reviews can focus on your:

  • Information (Data) Architecture,
  • Infrastructure (Hardware) Architecture,
  • Business (Procedures and Practices) Architecture,
  • Application (Software) Architecture, or
  • Enterprise (company and domain wide) Architecture.

We can audit your current systems, help plan your future system needs and create roadmaps to help facilitate the transition from the current state to the planned future state.

A bonus of an architectural review, is it can also highlight systems and software that is currently being paid for, but is no longer used within the company. Licence Audits and consolidation are another quick win to reducing a companies' IT costs.

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