Software has a habit of creeping onto systems where it shouldn't be, for example a second copy installed just to test something. This can leave a company exposed to thousands of dollars in fines if they are audited and found to be using what is essentially unlicensed software. On the other side, you may be paying for licences of software that you no longer use, or the amount of licenses you are paying for may be based on an over-estimate of how many licences you require.

Many software vendors also have a range of licence structures, are you currently paying for the licence under the structure that best matches your requirements?

Let Retupmoc perform an audit on your software licences, and let us answer those questions for you. We will provide you with a comprehensive report on the number of licences of each product you have, the number of users, if there is a shortfall or excess of any licence, and what licensing structure would best suit your current situation.

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