Keeping your data succinct and up to date is essential if you want to easily and quickly find information.

Have you recently upgraded to a new computer, got a tablet (Android or iPad) and require information/files to be copied to the new device, if so, we are able to help.

Our dedicated team can ensure that information is accurately transferred from the old to the new device, without the worry of loosing key data. The type of data that can be transferred includes Email, Photos, Music, Website Bookmarks, Documents and settings for favourite applications.

Performing successful data transfers allows you to focus on enjoying your new device, without having to spend hours going between the old and new device looking for information. The added advantage of this procedure, is it can have a middle step which effectively becomes a complete backup of your data.

Our team can also teach you how to do the ongoing transfers, for instance safely getting the photos off your digital camera or phone onto the computer or an external hard drive (or cloud) for backup purposes.

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