Do you own a Smart TV, or thinking about purchasing one?

Are you not sure what you can do with your TV, apart from watching live TV?


Smart TV’s, whilst all offer different capabilities, all have applications that allow the viewer to watch catch up TV, play games and browse the Internet. Are you getting the most value out of your Smart TV, do you wish you knew more about how to use those additional features.


Some features that your Smart TV may have:

  • Ability to record TV as it is broadcast, like the old VCR.Smart TV
  • Watch Netflix (paid subscription required).
  • Watch Catch-up TV. Catch-up TV is the broadcasters offering of TV shows that have recently been broadcast available to watch online (or on a smart TV). This is similar to the broadcaster “taping” the show for you to watch later, although generally shows are only available for around two weeks after they are broadcast.
  • Watch FreeView, a specific version of Catch-Up TV, with some additional features.
  • Browse the Internet.
  • Watch YouTube videos.
  • Display photos stored on a USB key.

If you want to use the features of your TV that you have already paid for, call the friendly team at Retupmoc and allow one of our technicians to come and show you what your TV is capable of, and provide one-on-one training for your TV.


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