You don't have anything anyone would be interested in, so you don't need to worry about security?


Even if you have nothing of interest, you still need to ensure your computer is secure.

Regardless of whether you don't do Internet Backing, and only use the computer to write a letter to the grand-kids once a month, if your computer is not secure you could become the victim of hackers and crackers. They may use your machine (and data allowance) to attack other computers on the Internet. This can lead to a very difficult job of explaining to authorities that you are not the master criminal that they are looking for, it was just someone else using your machine as a launch point for the attack, or leading to huge bills to your Internet Service Provider for excessive downloads. That's possibly the best case scenario, now add in you checking your emails, Internet Banking, storing critical personal information on the computer, and suddenly you may have just what the criminal is looking for.

So let Retupmoc ensure that your computer is as secure as possible. We ensure Anti-Virus software is installed and kept up-to-date, we keep the operating system fully updated and ensure that you are protected by anti-spyware. If the worst does happen, and your computer is infected by a virus or spyware, we can remove it and ensure the system is clean and protected. Ensuring at the same time that your data is backed up and safely stored.

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