Worried about unplugging all those cables from the computer to take it in for repair, concerned you will not be able to put them all back in the correct place? Retupmoc can remove at least that headache for you, we offer in-home support where we come to you. We are able to fix most issues without the need to remove your computer. This allows the quickest return time of you being able to get back to work or play, on the device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

There are still times where we will need to take the device away for a more detailed repair task, but again, we will take it, and upon return we will plug it all back in for you.

Also, once we have been out to service your computer the first time, we are able to remotely connect in the future, if you wish, to service the device remotely. Note you still have full security over when you allow us to connect, and we will never install anything on your devices without your expressed consent.

If you want our team to take you through how to use a program or the device in general in a familiar surroundings, at a pace that works for you let us provide you with In-Home support. Our In-Home support is not just about fixing issues, it also includes training on specific or general computing tasks. We provide one on one training, or reduce the costs by getting a group of friends together and all go through the same training at once. This can be done as a formal training type session, or a more ad-hoc approach that allows you to brush up on skills that you want to learn. Do you have kids, or grandkids, that are willing to show you, but race through the steps leaving you more confused than when you started, here at Retupmoc we take the time to ensure that you have grasped the concept before moving on to the next task.

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