Crashed hard drive? Dead USB Key? Don't have a current backup?

Let the dedicated team at Retupmoc assist in recovering the data stored on these devices. Most crashed hard drives and USB keys still hold the data, it just may be that you are not able to easily get to it.  Here at Retupmoc we can scan the devices for specific files or photos, or just restore all the data that can be restored. This includes if you have had a virus that has removed data, or accidentally deleted data.

Have you lost the contact information stored in your "dead" phone? Have you cracked your phone screen, and are unable to get information off your phone, let us get this data off your broken phone, and onto your new phone if required.

The important thing here is to STOP using the drive as soon as possible to prevent further data lose.

To lessen the impact of a crash in the future, we will help setup an automated backup.

Don't have anything to backup? Are you sure? What about digital photos, would you be ok loosing all of them?

Data Backup is not just for big industry, home users should also ensure that they have an adequate backup procedure in place. Is there anything on our computer that you would rather not lose? You could live without it, but would it be missed? If yes, then you need to ensure that you have that, and maybe other things backed up. A backup procedure can be as simple as a manual once a month copy to external storage (USB Key) through to a fully automated system that takes a backup of the information as soon as it changes.

While on the backup subject, do you have a Digital Camera? Are those photos backed up? Are they just backed up to the computer above, that may or may not have a backup in place? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you most likely need a backup solution for your precious photos as well.

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