Crashed hard drive? Dead USB Key? Don't have a current backup?

Let the dedicated team at Retupmoc assist in recovering the data stored on these devices. Most crashed hard drives and USB keys still hold the data, it just may be that you are not able to easily get to it.  Here at Retupmoc we can scan the devices for specific files or photos, or just restore all the data that can be restored. This includes if you have had a virus that has removed data, or accidentally deleted data.

You don't have anything anyone would be interested in, so you don't need to worry about security?


Even if you have nothing of interest, you still need to ensure your computer is secure.

Do you have data everywhere? In today's age of cheap storage, and cloud storage, it is easy to spread your data across multiple devices and locations. Whilst if done correctly, this can be a good back up strategy, if left unchecked, the data becomes a spaghetti mess. Resulting in you needing to hunt across several devices or locations for the current file, with the chance of finding and updating an older version, or just not being able to find the document/photo in question.

Our remote and telephone support is ideal for home users that need a fast, cost effective response to their computer support issues.

Worried about unplugging all those cables from the computer to take it in for repair, concerned you will not be able to put them all back in the correct place? Retupmoc can remove at least that headache for you, we offer in-home support where we come to you. We are able to fix most issues without the need to remove your computer. This allows the quickest return time of you being able to get back to work or play, on the device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

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