The following software list contains software that Retupmoc recommends and uses.  Note that software listed in the Affiliations section means that Retupmoc get a small commission if you purchase the software after clicking through the link.  Regardless of if we receive an affiliate commission or not, we will only recommend and sell software that we currently use, and that we believe is top of class.  You are free to look at our recommendation and then directly visit the vendors site.

Affiliate Links


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Internet Service Provider

If you are in South Canberra and suffer from bad Internet ADSL speeds.  Check out if you are in the coverage area of The Signal Co.  They use Wireless Broadband to service Canberra from their South Isaacs Ridge and Tuggeranong Hill sites.

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Malware Protection and Removal

For a premium Malware scanner, that can now also replace
your Anti-Virus, we recommend looking at MalwareByte.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Protect your privacy while online.  Ensure you are safe when accessing the Internet from public Wi-Fi.



Web Hosting

For all your web hosting needs, from shared to private hosting, DreamHost is well worth checking out.

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Non-Affiliate Links



Whilst Kaspersky does have offerings
for Mac and Android, we prefer Sophos
for our Mac and Android machines.

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